My interactions in Boston

I was visiting my son and he enquired about the sales of my E books – I told him- He advised that I should decide about the target market even before writing it.

He was right.

I started writing ‘ Mahabarath- Retold and illustrated’ – In the beginning it was meany for young adults- Then, it got out of my hands – like the young adults and took its own shape – I thought let the readers decide- Waiting for such decisions – now for days ( For reviews:-)

My first two books -Each of different genre

First book – Pneumatics and Pneumatic circuitsRef Pneumatics¬†Available in ¬† Kindle eBooks: Kindle Store: Literature & Fiction …

My second book ;

This is a popular Hindu epic – Going beyond religious limits, I would recommend this book to any one interested in a story that has mystical adventures – it stayed with me when I read this book at the age of twelve. The book I read was written by C. Rajagopalachari( First and the last governor general of India)

I felt that every one should read this book -especially the young adults.

The book again is available in Kindle E books of Amazon.MB E mail attachment